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Cloud Backup

Safely backup your data in the Cloud.  Principal’s Cloud Backup will make sure that all of your devices, whether they are used on or offsite, are securely and regularly backed up to prevent the loss of valuable data. 

Backup not just confined to the office

Most companies have some type of server backup regime for in-house equipment.  As users increasingly work on the move across a range of portable devices, it’s important to make sure that this data is also being backed up to prevent the loss of valuable information.  A Cloud based backup system will cover all devices that are in use, wherever you are located.  

No need for labour intensive backups

Backups often happen locally on tape and hard drive and are periodically removed from site.  This is both time consuming and vulnerable to human error.  The Principal Cloud automatically runs your backups, eliminating the need for this to be done in-house, and safeguarding your valuable information. 

Protect your data from disaster

Offsite backup is done in dedicated UK managed data centres.  We back up your server images and provide server to server replication capabilities.  Our system means that you have a secure repository for all of your company data, the basis for a disaster recovery service, so that you can continue to operate as normal in the event of a system failure or a natural disaster.  

Reduce hardware costs and increase office space

Backup servers can be costly to install and take up valuable office space, and eliminating the need for this expensive hardware will let you free this space up for other usage. 


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