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What you need to know about a managed print solution

At Principal, we're an award-winning print management company which means we know an awful lot about the subject – and we’re not afraid to share it.

Here are 5 things you need to know to get the best out of your print management contract.


Study the stats

A regular print audit should be a key part of your relationship with your provider. When this essential piece of data is delivered don’t ignore it, it will show you where your money is being spent and give you the data you need to optimise it.

At Principal we provide our clients with a comprehensive breakdown of their print management information on a regular basis. This allows them to see exactly where every penny is being spent. This information can also identify areas of demand from across your business, clarifying how demand is spread and highlighting where you may need to take action.


Understand what you are paying for

It is essential that you understand your contract – what you are paying for, how, when and why. But so many organisations don’t.

Your contract will detail all aspects of your relationship with your supplier, with clearly detailed costs and service levels. In many cases, print management contracts are historic documents that are rarely reviewed or questioned.

Lesson two is to take some time to read and understand your contract.


Set targets

Your audit and your contract will provide you with both parts of the puzzle you need to understand your current print management usage. The next step is to set targets.

Any money your business spends should be questioned. While print may be a small proportion of your overall business costs, it shouldn’t be immune from a strategic focus.

As a business you may consider reducing the volume you print, or reducing the total value of your contract. However, if your business is growing it’s more likely that you will want to set targets that support your growth – which leads us onto print management lesson 4.


Treat your provider like a partner

It’s fair to say that you know your business better than anyone. But, where print is concerned, your management provider is likely to be a close second.

Working with your print provider as a partner can help you both. Armed with a contract and your audit, you can work as partners to target areas of overspend. Your provider may have new innovations, technologies or solutions that can help you to save money.

It’s worth discussing growth plans and strategies with your print provider. As you grow and develop it’s inevitable your print requirements will change. If your supplier understands this they can work with you to develop a strategy to fulfill your needs now and in the future.


Industry benchmarking

Print management is an increasingly competitive area, and it may be that you’re not getting the best deal with your current provider.

There’s no harm in regularly assessing the alternative options on the market, comparing providers with one another.

At this point the work you have done in understanding your usage, exploring your contract and outlining your future growth plans will pay dividends.  Armed with this information you can work to get the best deal either with your current provider or a new one.

If you are considering a new print management supplier, or would like to discuss how Principal could help you save money on your print spend then contact us today on 0333 240 8130.

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