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We talk to Tony Wills, Commercial and Marketing Director about the partnership with Techtick

Tony Wills Techtick article

You have become the first Managed Print Service provider to become techtick approved, why did you get involved?

‘One of Principal’s core values is to be client focused, that is to put our clients’ needs first and emphasise the individual requirements of each customer. Many organisations say this but can’t evidence it with independent research. 

We have always been at the forefront of demonstrating to clients our unique approach and that is why we are so proud that we are one of only 13 Managed Print Service Providers globally to be recognised with a Photizo award. In fact, we have achieved this industry accolade for 3 years in succession.

Similarly, techtick approval is an independent demonstration of our client focus. Product and service advantages can be copied over time, but it is very difficult to replicate the experience that a client receives by working with us. Products and services provide the solution, but it is client experience that creates value. This value then drives client retention and word-of-mouth referrals.’

And what do you think are the main client benefits?

‘Clients want to make good decisions, quickly and with less risk. This is where I think techtick approval really helps us and the client. A true win-win for both parties. A potential new client can see that we have achieved positive outcomes in their vertical market with the technologies, brands and services that they are seeking. There is nothing so compelling as feedback from others who have first-hand experience of a supplier’s capability. This helps reduce a buyers’ fear, as seeing independently verified feedback from other organisations like themselves, is of more value that a suppliers’ PR spin.’

How will you use techtick membership?

‘The Capability Statement & differentiation provided by techtick approval is something we can use in our marketing activities & sales quotes, it focuses our communications on client benefits, rather than products.

Looking forward I see techtick being an important part of our marketing programme. The planned techtick marketing activities complement our own, and I think their independence provides marketing opportunities that are not generally available to an individual reseller. Particularly in a post GDPR world, I can see that it is more likely that a potential client would provide their details to techtick and use the supplier finder at a time of their choosing, which is when we need to be visible to a potential client.

Sales pipelines are likely to come under greater pressure now GDPR has come into effect and I see techtick membership being a mutually beneficial method of generating enquiries, providing a compelling competitive advantage in the eyes of clients and allowing us to independently demonstrate our client focus, which is what really differentiates us as an organisation.‘

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