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Scalable cloud-based faxing for companies of all sizes


Fax technology has progressed from dedicated, standalone machines to web-based integrated services

Today progressive companies are moving their faxing model to the cloud, eliminating concerns about hardware and software maintenance, system reliability and scalability, while freeing internal IT resources to focus on other business-critical systems and processes.

eFax Corporate® is a robust faxing platform used by millions of customers every day to securely transmit important business documents. eFax Corporate is offered as a completely hosted service, powered by a network of secure data centres and colocations distributed across the UK.

Fax technology has progressed from dedicated, standalone machines to web-based integrated services.

Our inbound faxing services are performed across a secure network of Telco-grade facilities equipped with environmental controls, infrastructure support, power management, and protective equipment. Transmission security and system redundancy is achieved through Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) with multiple peers and Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections between each  UK data centre and our primary data centre, where core backend systems reside.

Our outbound services employ multiple VPN-connected,  UK data centres for system redundancy and load balancing. You can send documents via email, HTTPS post or a printer-driver upload. The eFax Corporate system converts document attachments into a fax-compliant PDF or TIFF file and transmits the fax across the PSTN and/or SIP Trunk via ITP.

Both send and receive services are performed on servers maintained using one of the highest SLAs in the industry. eFax Corporate delivers unmatched system uptime, transparent performance metrics and uncompromised security.

Benefits of eFax Corporate

  • Reliable & secure fax network

    The eFax Corporate global network is protected by firewall, redundancy and security technologies, which ensure a 99.5% uptime, rapid delivery times and unparalleled transmission security.

  • Redundancy of critical elements

    Our redundant servers, connections, storage points, and PSTN carrier partners provide a true enterprise solution that will compensate for the loss of a single colocation.

  • Regulatory compliance

    Our security features help users meet strict regulations and eFax Corporate is compliant with HSCIC standard fax requirements.

  • Largest selection of fax numbers worldwide

    Local, national, freephone and non-geographic fax numbers are available throughout our network, in more than 49 countries on six continents.

  • User administration

    eFax Corporate includes an Administrator login via a secure browser session that allows organisations to assign user rights, create profiles, manage user groups and generate fax-activity reports.

  • Full SAP integration

    Our SAP Connector is certified under SAP’s latest BC-SMTP requirements, making it easy for you to integrate your SAP environment.

  • Cost effective faxing

    eFax Corporate provides a cost- effective, ‘green’ alternative to fax machines and in-house fax servers. Our secure-faxing technology is 100% paperless and requires no additional software or dedicated IT resources.

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