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Bring all your documents under control automatically.


Principal supply two world class document management systems, Invu and Virtual Cabinet.

Utilising a document management system means you can eliminate paper documents and create a fully electronic version control, audit trail and keep your data fully compliant with GDPR.  

Instantly transform documents and forms into usable, accessible data ready to export into your own business applications. Labour intensive manual data entry is eliminated along with mistakes and lost documents. 

Flexible processing workflow gives you streamlined document processing tasks of any complexity. Documents are classified, recognised, verified and transferred into reliable, accurate, searchable and highly structured electronic data.

6 key benefits

  • Save time

    Access years worth of files in a handful of mouse clicks without having to leave your desk.

  • Keep your important data secure

    Tracking each document will create a watertight audit trail and ensure compliance with internal and external operating procedures.

  • Work from anywhere, at any time

    Using a document management system means you are no longer reliant on being in the office to retrieve your important data, improving your efficiency and giving you total flexibility in the way that you work.

  • Reduce your storage requirements

    Make better use of your office and enjoy a more spacious environment by eliminating piles of dusty files and binders and filing cabinets.

  • A professional approach

    Clients will benefit from your ability to quickly and easily retrieve all relevant information that they require, helping you do your job as efficiently as possible by providing higher levels of customer service and satisfaction.

  • Eliminate mundane tasks

    Getting rid of routine filing tasks will free your staff up to concentrate on more productive work.

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