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Totally Managed Volume and Services Agreement

Things move quickly in todays networked and inter connected world. Companies evolve and diversify more often than in the past as they try and keep ahead of the competition, while aiming for ever greater levels of customer service and enhanced productivity and profitability.

At Principal we have thought long and hard about these challenges involved with printing and have developed a product that we believe is the most flexible and versatile plan in the market today. We call it the ‘Totally Managed Volume and Services Agreement’.

This is a unique agreement based on a flexible total volume of prints. It has several advantages including your ability to conclude the contract once the volume has been achieved, which means products can never be over sold or over used. There is also the benefit of having a single quarterly invoice which significantly reduces your administration time and stress. We can even include your existing third party products should you wish Principal to service these on your behalf.

This is a truly flexible product that is designed to meet the changing needs of a business during the life of the agreement.

The 4 key benefits

  • No fixed term

    The agreement is based around an agreed number of impressions and is totally flexible. You decide the number of impressions and have the ability to change the numbers as your business evolves, therefore mirroring your requirements. This means you are never stuck with something that doesn’t match the needs of your organisation.

  • Flexible accounting

    Due to the nature of the agreement, it could be seen as an operating facility or operating lease with all of the benefits that this type of arrangement can bring. It also avoids the need to deal directly with a third party leasing company, as all aspects from financing the capital element of the agreement to billing and collecting for the services delivered, are undertaken by Principal and are all provided under a single invoice.

  • Incorporate IT support into one agreement

    If you need to add in any IT products or services including 4th Platform's offerings, then we can do this for you. All of your Print and IT requirements can be consolidated into one agreement and billed on a single invoice.

  • Scalable to your business

    As your needs change so can the agreement. You’ll have total control over volumes, products and timings of any changes so that the agreement can mirror your business requirements

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