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Total Quality Management

Automate compliance and auditing tasks with real-time data capture and centralised record management.

Does your business face these challenges?

  • Compliance

    Accurate historical records of compliance is a challenge. Standards such as ISO 9001 are difficult to attain when conformity test results are both manually recorded and stored. Fines and penalties can also be a consequence of such non-compliant practices.

  • Inadequate control

    Without proper control over the quality management process maintaining standards is difficult - reviewing and improving processes, the return or approval of documents within an appropriate time frame and driving tasks completion is also severely hampered.

  • Low productivity and inefficiency

    Slow and error prone manual Quality Management processes can negatively affect your company’s productivity. Inconsistent document workflow practices can result in the slow resolution of non-conformance, time consuming error resolution and the slow response to requests for information.

  • High costs

    Without tight control over Quality Management processes, inefficiencies, high costs and poor compliance can be commonplace.

The Solution

Principal’s end-to-end Quality Management solution allows you to exceed your compliance requirements, streamline your checking processes, improve your control over the quality of processes and drive down costs. Real-time Quality Control enabled by mobile technology, fully customisable parameters, and the instant reporting of any failure, helps the user to quickly resolve any non-compliance. 

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