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Do you really know how much you spend on printing?


How a print audit saves businesses money

As a business, you measure the cost and efficiency of every aspect of your operations. But do you know how to monitor printing costs in order to make savings? No? Then read on. A print audit answers all these questions and more; it saves you money and makes your organisation more efficient. It also reduces your carbon footprint, which helps with environmental compliance.

Saving you time and money

A print audit will identify how much you actually spend on this essential part of your business, as well as pinpoint where you can improve your processes and systems to save money. An evaluation of all your printing activities will show you which pieces of hardware in your organisation are the most cost effective...and which are the most expensive.

Time for a printing strategy

At the end of the process you will have the basis for a ‘printing strategy’. You have a marketing strategy, a business plan and blueprints for other parts of your business, so why not printing? It makes sense in the long run – and research shows you could make savings of up to 30 per cent on all your printing costs.

Green printing

An assessment of your day-to-day printing operations will also help you lower the environmental impact of your business by reducing the amount of electricity you use (to run your printers), and save you money on consumables (by increasing the efficiency of your devices).

Effective monitoring to reduce overheads

Once you know exactly how much you spend on printing, you can create limits, restrict the amount of colour you use and send print jobs to the most efficient devices. In short, it will reduce your running costs and put you back in control of your expenditure.

Long-term benefit

A print audit should not be a one-off service. As an experienced provider, Principal, will be able to put a system in place which will deliver ongoing monitoring, management and support – and the cost of this service will ultimately pay for itself.

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