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5 reasons to adopt cloud print management

According to the Quocirca Global Print 2025 Report: 49% of survey respondents stated that they have already deployed cloud for print management. Followed up by 73% of organisations expect to transition to cloud print management by 2025. This clearly shows that as the long-term effects of the pandemic become clear, businesses are taking a strategic view towards the future workplace and the services and technology required to support a hybrid workforce.

Here are some of the reasons why businesses are making the switch:

  • Cost reduction

    Moving to a cloud-based subscription model avoids capital expenditure and lowers operating costs associated with traditional on premise print management platforms.

  • Reduced IT burden

    A cloud print infrastructure is managed by a third-party provider, such as Principal, leaving IT teams able to focus on more strategic activities.

  • Flexibility and security

    Cloud print platforms enable convenient anywhere, anytime, any device printing for mobile workers. Print jobs can be released from any print device through secure user authentication.

  • Access to technological innovation

    New functionality can be rapidly implemented either for all users or for a subset of them. It can also better support the rapid delivery of other associated solutions or initiatives such as digitisation, security and analytics.

  • Deliver sustainability goals

    Reduce your paper, ink energy and hardware consumption.

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