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How can businesses combat rising energy costs?

With businesses across the UK facing significant increases in the price of electricity and gas, it is important to choose a suitable solution provider.

Choosing Principal as a solution supplier can offer organisations significant cost savings from much lower energy bills and reduced amounts of waste. Principal work with the best MFD manufacturers in the industry such as Kyocera, Canon, and Konica Minolta to ensure the modern office runs more efficiently and effectively. 

Here are just some of the ways you can reduce your energy consumption: 

  • Upgrade to more energy-efficient technology

    Choosing the most energy-efficient technology should become a priority throughout your business. When it comes to print devices, Principal can help you choose the most suitable models available. For example, Kyocera's ECOSYS range has developed energy-saving controllers to optimise power management and operate as low as 0.6 Watts in sleep mode; one-tenth of the energy used by a smartphone charger. All new Kyocera print devices are compliant with the Energy Star 3.0 standard.

  • Turn off devices where possible

    Switching off lights, computers, TVs, heaters, fans and other appliances when they are not in use is a simple way to save energy. Some devices use up to 60% of their power when in standby mode. Print devices are the workhorses of document processes and consume electricity even when resting idle. New print devices have an option to set sleep and wake-up timers and proximity sensors to ensure energy usage is kept as low as possible. Its unique structure enables low-temperature fusing and long-term stability. Toner fusing accounts for around 70% of the total power consumption of a print device, but because i-toner can fuse at 30 °C cooler than conventional toner, total energy usage is cut by up to half.

  • Establish print rules

    Have you ever printed a report before realising you need to make changes? Or printed a document single-sided when double-sided would be more appropriate? PaperCut offers the ability to set print rules that you can use to reduce accidental errors. You could limit user volume, authorise certain printers only, or do simple things like default to double-sided and black and white.

  • Consider cloud solutions

    It could be cheaper to move your on-premises storage into the cloud and use cloud-based SaaS. There are several reasons why cloud computing could save you money, including reduced power consumption on-site, and lower IT support costs.

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