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Managed services and unique finance options to help reduce costs in this new normal

To continue our series of blogs on maximising your spend and reducing costs, this week we feature managed services, but with unique finance options that can help.

The health and economic impacts of COVID-19 continue to be felt all over the world. The pandemic has wreaked havoc on business-as-usual with disruption to supply chains, government-mandated shutdowns and changing consumer behaviour. Many companies – and entire industries – are on the brink.

Adopting managed services can be a faster, more effective route to transformation. Cost reduction is a priority, as management teams seek to leverage new technologies and improve efficiency metrics.

As a managed print service provider, Principal has developed a product called the ‘Totally Managed Volume and Services Agreement’.

Why will this help in these new normal times?

This unique agreement is based on a flexible total volume of prints, a truly flexible product that is designed to meet the changing needs of a business during the life of the agreement.


  • No fixed term - The agreement is based around an agreed number of impressions
  • You decide the number of impressions - you can change as your business grows
  • Flexible accounting - It can be seen as an operating facility or operating lease with all of the benefits that this type of arrangement can bring
  • No need to deal directly with a third party leasing company - All aspects are undertaken by Principal
  • Dealing with a legacy fleet – This agreement consolidates these into a single relationship, no fuss or bother
  • IT support - Because the agreement is flexible you can add any IT products or services Principal provide
  • Totally scalable - As your needs change, so does the agreement. You have total control
  • Remote management - We keep a close eye on all aspects of the equipment
  • One single quarterly invoice - Less admin time and stress

COVID-19 has accelerated and exacerbated the effects of the need to streamline with cost optimisation and reducing costs. As businesses begin to recover and move into the next and beyond phase, they face an urgent need to do more than just address them more effectively – they must reimagine entirely new solutions.

Principal are running free discovery workshops to help you find saving and streamline your processes.

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