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The eco-friendly printers of choice

Most organisations still need to print, so it’s all about choosing the right partner to deliver your printed documents in the most environmentally positive way.

More and more organisations are publicly seeking to reduce their environmental impact through more sustainable business practices, supply chains and procurement.

Principal considers sustainability to be a key company value and invests great effort and resources in minimising the company’s environmental footprint. This is proven by the ISO 14001 accreditation that measures and improves Principal's environmental impact.

Choosing Principal as a solution supplier can offer organisations significant cost savings from much lower energy bills and reduced amount of waste. Principal work with the best MFD manufacturers in the industry such as Kyocera, Canon and Konica Minolta to ensure the modern office runs more efficiently and effectively.  

The ECOSYS models from Kyocera are great examples of eco-friendly MFDs and below are some of the environmental benefits they possess:

  • Ultra-durable photosensitive image drum.

    These ultra-high durability drums have incorporated an amorphous carbon-type coating, with hardness close to that of diamond, to protect the surface of the a-Si photoreceptor drum. Considered ‘ahead of its time’ when launched in 1992, the use of long-life components and drums delivers a toner only concept for most users. This concept has been continually refined to further improve waste reduction and impact on the environment. Toner cartridges are now made from as few as eight parts, all plastic, all recyclable. Today the ecofriendly design of ECOSYS products has helped to reduce waste, user interventions and CO2 emissions.

  • 2 emissions. Eco-friendly toner.

    Kyocera has developed its own eco-friendly toner (i-toner) utilising advanced production methods that use no organic solvents and very little water to minimise its environmental impact. Its unique structure enables low-temperature fusing and long-term stability. Toner fusing accounts for around 70% of the total power consumption of a print device, but because i-toner can fuse at 30 °C cooler than conventional toner, total energy usage is cut by up to half.

  • Low energy consumption.

    The peak power use of a print device happens when the fusing unit is working at full temperature. However, most of the time it sits idle in power save or sleep mode – which is when it is most crucial to minimise power consumption. For its ECOSYS range, Kyocera has developed energy-saving controllers to optimise power management and operate as low as 0.6 Watts in sleep mode; one-tenth of the energy used by a smartphone charger.

  • Use of recycled/recyclable plastics.

    Up to 30% of the plastics used in Kyocera products are recycled, and over 99% of the total plastic can be recycled. We have also redesigned transport packaging to eradicate polystyrene and reduce the amount of single-use plastic. In toner cartridge packaging, only recycled cardboard is used, cutting out plastics altogether.

  • Optimal airflow for quiet running.

    The noise produced by print devices is very important to personal working environments. The clever internal design of ECOSYS print engines enhances airflow and reduces the number of cooling fans required. In the latest generation of ECOSYS products, only one fan is used compared to four in earlier generations. Noise levels have been further reduced by improved design of the drive motor mechanisms, reducing the number of motors required to drive the printing process from five to two. The result is that ECOSYS products are quiet, inaudible in standby mode and barely above 50 decibels (the lowest on the market) when printing, Fewer motors and improved airflow don’t just reduce noise, but are more reliable and require less energy overall.

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