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The pursuit of sustainability in office printing

A ThoughtWorks survey of 2,000 customers found that more expected to be driven by a concern about plastic pollution (62%) than price (57%) over the next 10 years.

Today, large organisations commonly adopt Corporate Social Responsibility goals and use environmental sustainability as a public demonstration of their commitment to achieving them. Meeting objectives such as more recycling, less waste to landfill and reduced carbon emissions not only boost corporate reputation but – more importantly – cut costs, increase efficiency and even boost productivity.

Organisations that undergo sustainability audits find plenty of opportunities to leverage print in a more environmentally positive way, such as:

  • Reduced Energy Consumption

    Print devices are the workhorses of document processes and consume electricity even when resting idle. Many older models were never designed with energy efficiency in mind. Even among newer machines of equivalent performance, there can be a wide range of energy consumption ratings. Reduced energy consumption across a large print estate can equate to very large cost savings as well as a positive environmental impact. Principal can offer you the most environmentally friendly solutions.

  • Longlife Components and Consumables

    Print devices frequently require paper and toner replenishment, but these should be minimised wherever possible. Other components such as drums, fuser units and feed rollers should only require replacement after exceptionally long usage, if at all.

  • Reduction in Print Volume

    The fully paperless office has been achieved by just 1% of EU organisations. A more feasible objective is to go ‘paper-light’ (i.e. use less paper – particularly wasted paper through unnecessary prints) and this is often made possible through intelligent software features. As with reduced energy consumption, the impact of less print waste can equate to substantial cost savings as well as greater environmental sustainability.

  • Reduced Noise Pollution

    The quieter that print devices can be during operation, the better the experience for the people using and working near it. This is unrelated to the challenge of carbon emissions, but undoubtedly contributes to a positive and sustainable environment.

  • Principal's Fully Managed Print Solution

    Create a greener working environment

    Principal’s award-winning power-saving technology, waste-reducing tools and software solutions help your business decrease energy use, cut consumable waste and reduce your overall environmental footprint.

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