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Tips for working from home

How have you been feeling whilst working from home? Have you suffered from any aches and pains, headaches backaches?

Firstly, if you are suffering from any of the above you should seek medical advice, we all spend long hours at our desks but how much of an impact does this have on your back, neck and shoulders?

Sitting all day puts extreme pressure on your spine and repetitive strain injuries can also be a big factor in today’s working from home world. That’s why offices have rigorous procedures in health and safety measures to protect the worker.

What can I do to help my long day?

It’s well known that stretching can help if you’re sitting all day at a computer, there’s lots of advice on the internet for guidance, but again professional advice should be sought too if necessary, this is just some advice from what our teams have learned. Taking regular breaks and short walks throughout the day are also recommended.

How can I better set up my workspace?

Laptops have become essential to the modern business and there is no doubt that they have saved many businesses during the last year but have you thought about how you have set up your workspace. Laptops should never be called laptops, the worst thing you can do is work on one on your lap.
But we all have to take some responsibility to make sure we are working in the best way possible and here are some tips for working with laptops:

Get your laptop up higher
Ideally, you want the screen to be up level with your eyes, this will stop you from bending your neck and increasing the chance of headaches. Now there are plenty of options to help with this – could be something as simple as stacking a few old books.

Use a separate keyboard and mouse
Laptop keyboards are often smaller than a full size keyboard and they are flat which puts your wrists in an odd position. Even if you like working with a laptop keyboard then once you have lifted your screen you won’t be able to use the keyboard. Separate keyboard and mice are easy to come across and quite often you will have one hanging around. It can be as simple as plugging one in.

Use an external screen
Laptop screen screens are often smaller than at 22″ or 24″ that you would get in an office, but most laptops will support an external screen. If you can fit one into your workspace then they are worth it. Again it would be suitable to get the screen lifted so that they are level with your eyes – If you have the space then something like this can be ideal.

It’s all about the right tools for the right job.If we offer guidance and advice to improve your work station for yourself and employees, please get in touch via email.

We can help with:

  • IT equipment from laptops and phones
  • Phone systems; moving your office number to a home line
  • Cloud-based organisation software (Microsoft 365)
  • IT training for a variety of machines and software

If you need help with setup, software and security whilst working from home. Simply fill in the contact form and we’ll be in touch.

These tips are from experience within our teams. Always contact a professional for advice.

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