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What you should know about responsible, secure printing

It is easy to overlook security risks associated with printed documents and company printers. However, unsecured printed documents can be read by anyone, anywhere. Think about what could happen if unauthorised people gain access to confidential financial statements and reports, competitive plans and strategies, or employee personal information. That is why it is so important to print only what is necessary and to keep printed documents secure.

Many attackers use malware, printer attack tools or other methods to compromise printers through network connections. Once a hacker succeeds, that breach can be leveraged for many purposes. The most common aims are gaining unauthorised access to any information being sent to that printer, and using the printer as a starting point to infiltrate other district systems.

Given these risks, businesses should take stock of printer-related concerns and develop a realistic plan to address them.

Here are some starting steps to protect against print-related security risks:

  • Always follow company security policies for printing.
  • Retrieve printed documents from the printer as soon as you print them.
  • If your printer has a “Secure Print” feature (documents do not print until a password or PIN is entered at the printer), use that feature.
  • If you use a password or PIN to print, do not share this with anyone.
  • Do not print entire documents when you need only a few pages.
  • Never make unnecessary extra copies.
  • Shred confidential documents when you are finished with them.
  • Do not share physical or network access to printers with unauthorized individuals.

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