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Large Format Printing in-house – No more out sourcing costs!

Digital wide format printing is a printing medium, largely used for advertising, which has grown in popularity worldwide over the last decade or two. As one could most likely guess from the name, the purpose of wide format printing lies largely in supporting the largest print roll width possible.

Large Format Printing

Large format or wide format digital printing is often used to produce banners, wallpapers, murals, wall appliqués and decals, posters, skins for large objects like cars, and many other projects. Digital wide format printing allows for more visually engaging graphics and is ideal for graphic-heavy or visual-heavy designs. This is particularly effective when used for advertising, but can also be used in a variety of other artistic and decorative contexts.

How Wide Format Printing Works

Digital wide format printing is also known as “grand printing” or “large format printing.” Typically, the largest width available for large-scale prints is 61 inches. With wide format printing, the printing is typically computer-controlled and accomplished via ink nozzles that spray the image onto rolls of stock that’s fed incrementally into the printer.

In this way, wide format digital printing is designed to support the maximum width of the print roll. Wide format digital printing is typically faster than other forms of printing, and produces brighter, more visually stimulating colours without sacrificing detail in the images it reproduces on a grand scale.

High Quality Finishes Available With Wide Format Printing

In wide format digital printing, UV inks are typically used, resulting in a high quality, easily readable finish, regardless of size. These inks are resistant to fading from sunlight or damage from weather or other outdoor forces. However, some wide format printing can use solvent-based inks instead of water-based inks, resulting in different finished effects.

Thinking Big in PDX: Banners, Billboards, Extra Large Spreadsheets & Other Possibilities

With digital wide format printing, the artist or designer’s imagination is free to dream big. Wide format digital printing can be used to create massive posters, billboards, building graphics, and skins for just about any object you can think of.

Because the printing process itself is computer-controlled, digital wide format printing generally works best with computer modeled or digital images. Digital wide format printing allows you to fully translate digital and computer-generated or augmented images into printed material without loss of readability or texture.

This type of printing is generally the best method to use to create high quality banners, skins, and billboards for advertising or decorative purposes.

Get Your Message Bigger With Digital Wide Format Printing

The best thing about digital wide format printing is that it allows you to think as big as you want. Whether you are working on a banner; an advertising sign; a billboard; a skin for an entire building, or a car, or a piece of machinery; you will be able to accomplish whatever your creativity can dream up through digital wide format printing.

And, given the inks used, the detail attainable, and the finishes possible with this type of printing, you can rest assured that the effort and expense that you have put into your project will be visually striking, readable, and last in the face of sunlight, weather, and other potentially damaging forces.

Imagine how easy it is to print off a large spreadsheet, no more A3 and difficult to read.  With a large format printed spreadsheet you can easily read and present spreadsheets!

No upfront costs and no more outsourcing!

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