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Smart Security – Keep your business safe

Data breaches have become serious issues for many businesses, data theft and hacking are causing immense damages to finances and reputations globally.

bizhub SECURE

Data – Your most valuable and vulnerable business assets

Key considerations for your printing security

  • Data protection

    Your device can be protected via several encryption and overwriting methods, keeping the data in your bizhub safe. This protects data stored in your bizhub and data passing through temporarily. With bizhub SECURE, the data in your office can flow safely, with no risk of security breach.

  • Authentication

    Protect sensitive documents by storing them in a password-protected box or folder on your bizhub’s hard disk. For an extra level of security, the hard disk can be encrypted, so even if it is stolen and access is attempted by installing the hard disk elsewhere, the data will be secure.

  • Automated rules enforcement

    When you print a document, the data is temporarily stored in the multifunctional device. With bizhub SECURE you can set a time limit for how long your device stores this temporary data, to make sure data is not left where it may tempt attack. You can even select different time limits for certain box files on your bizhub’s hard disk.

What is covered?

The following features are included in bizhub secure

  • Change the Administrator password

  • Encrypt the entire contents of your bizhub hard disk

  • Create a secure alphanumeric password to lock down your bizhub hard disk

  • Eliminate any trace of data even after it has been deleted with Temporary Data Overwrite

  • Time your bizhub multifunctional device to autodelete any material located in electronic folders

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