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How satisfied are you with your current scanning solution?

Over time, the role of the scanner has become far more extensive: scanners can now largely eliminate paper from many processes. However, it is unlikely that paper will be disappearing any time soon.

Quocirca’s research shows that, on average, each organisation has 296 scanning devices, with 48% having only or mainly dedicated scanners, with an average scanning volume of 835 items per day.

49% of the scanning processes carried out by an average organisation are multiple pages of the same size.

22% of organisations are targeting paperless operations. For some organisations, going paperless is nearly achievable. For most, a target of ‘less paper’ makes more sense. For these, the quick win solution is to eliminate paper wherever possible within the organisation by digitising incoming paper before it enters the environment.

66% of respondents state that most or all of their scanners are of an enterprise-class.

According to Quocirca, Only 11% of respondents are completely satisfied with their scanner fleets...

The overall muted level of satisfaction could be for a number of reasons, ranging from functionalities that are not available on current scanners, to having the wrong scanner for the job, through to overall dissatisfaction with using the scanner.

Overall, 62% are looking to replace some (53%) or all (9%) of their scanners, with a further 13% looking to buy more devices.

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