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Principal releases new virtual assistant for website

21st February 2024

A new virtual assistant has been released on Principal’s website

The new feature is designed to help people who visit Principal’s website make log requests with a desired device configuration. This will generate a lead for the Sales team to follow up on.

The virtual assistant guides individuals through the many device options they might require while capturing their company, name, and contact details.

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The virtual assistant is designed to streamline the customer journey and eliminate commonly asked questions.

How was the idea generated?

The idea was generated and developed by Issie Gallacher (Managed Service Administrator, Service Operations) and Steve Quinnell (Remote Helpdesk Technician, Service Operations) in Principal’s AI Hackathon, which is run internally by Roger Thomson (IT manager) and Marc Cashman (Project Manager)

Steve said: “Our chatbot gives both prospective and existing customers the opportunity to complete a quick and easy questionnaire which helps to identify the ideal device for their requirements.”

This is the first step for this virtual assistant, which the team will continue developing further to utilise more AI capabilities and features.

Are there any future projects in development?

More projects are being developed by the AI team, which will soon be announced over the coming months.

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