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The Solution to Your Spreadsheet Struggles

Are you struggling to read spreadsheets because they are too small to fit onto an A4 or A3 page? If so, you're not alone. Databases and Excel files are getting bigger every day, and it can be difficult to view all the data on a small page. But what if you could print documents larger than A3 in the comfort of your own office, with just the touch of a button?

Years ago, printing documents larger than A3 required expensive equipment and specialized training. Today, however, with Principal's innovative solution to large format printing, it's easy to print extra-large spreadsheets and documents in-house without the hassle of outsourcing to a print or copy shop. Our large format printers are the same size as your existing A4 and A3 devices and come network-ready, so everyone can print to them.

Visual step-by-step wizard software guides you through printing directly from Microsoft applications such as Excel and PowerPoint. Easy-to-use poster creation software lets you create professional-looking posters, signs, and banners that can even incorporate your own images and logos.

Imagine the benefits for your finance, sales, and HR teams. With our large format printers, you can:

  • Print large spreadsheets at a size that is easier to view and work with, right from your office
  • Avoid the need to outsource to a print or copy shop
  • Save time and money by avoiding the need for specialist training
  • Use the printers just as easily as your existing A4 and A3 devices
  • Print posters, signs, and banners too, with easy-to-use template software
  • Enjoy affordable pricing thanks to our unique financing options

With Principal's large-format printing solutions, you can improve your productivity and streamline your workflow. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative printing solutions and how they can benefit your business.

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